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Opel OnStar FAQ.


When are cars with OnStar available?

OnStar is available on model year 16 cars in 13 major European Countries. (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK)

Which cars will have OnStar?

OnStar is available across our range of passenger cars from Karl to Insignia

How do I get OnStar?

OnStar will be available as a standard feature on certain models and optional in others. Please see the vehicle configurator for specific availability. When you purchase your new Opel, your Dealer will explain how to get OnStar, and the activate the services online.

How do I get started and use OnStar?

In order to use OnStar services you need to register and activate OnStar. On request you will receive an email invitation for registration online or you can simply press the OnStar service button in the car, and make your first contact trough an OnStar advisor. You are in full control of your services and data.

How do I access my OnStar account?

Once your is set, you will be able to access your OnStar account via myOpel.


Are all services available on all cars?

There maybe some services which are not available on some cars, please see "carline specifics" for more details

Can I have OnStar in my current car?

OnStar is only available in Opel/Vauxhall's newest models. OnStar cannot be fitted to existing cars.

Can I get OnStar in other car brands?

OnStar is a unique service that is only available in Opel cars.

How can I unsubscribe?

You can stop receiving OnStar services at anytime, although we hope you don’t want to. You can go online to your OnStar account and unsubscribe there, or you can press the OnStar service button in the car and talk to an advisor who can help you.

Will OnStar work when I travel abroad?

Yes, OnStar services are available across Europe. Wi-Fi connection may vary by country. Please see the country lists under "Get OnStar" section which show where services and data roaming are available.

Does my insurance company get the data?

No your Insurance will not be provided with any information. In fact your data will not be shared with any third parties unless you ask us to do so.

Which languages is OnStar available in?

OnStar is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese. From August 2016 the following additional languages will be available: Bulgarian, Czech , Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, and Swedish. To answer your call as quickly as possible, in exceptional circumstances you may be connected first to an English-speaking advisor

How do I select my language?

Your OnStar account will be set to the language you choose at enrolment. At any time you can change the language in your account by going to the "my profile" page. At any time you can change the language in your infotainment system , which will change the language in which OnStar Advisor communicates to you in (see the languages in the question above). If any other language is selected, you will be connected to an English speaking advisor.

Can I try OnStar for free?

Yes, for every new car bought with OnStar, there will be a free 12 month trial of the OnStar services. There will also be a separate free data trial for the Wi-Fi Hotspot. Details can be found on the "get OnStar" section of the website

When driving in another country, will OnStar charge me with extra costs when calling an OnStar advisor?

When you are in your car, you will not be charged when you contact an advisor through the OnStar system.

When will my 12 month OnStar services trial start?

Your 12 month trial (excluding Wi-Fi data package) starts on your vehicles registration date, the same day as your new vehicle warranty.


Do I have to pay for OnStar services?

When you buy a car with OnStar, you will need to register for OnStar services & then you will activate your free 12 month trial (excluding Wi-Fi data package). After the trial period, you will need to subscribe to OnStar. Please see "after my trial" for more details

Can I try OnStar for free?

Yes, for every new car bought with OnStar, there will be a free 12 month trial.

When will my 12 month trial start?

Your 12 month trial starts on your registration date, the same day as your new vehicle warranty. For Wi-Fi, a 3 month or 3GB (whichever comes first) trial will start from your registration date.

How much will OnStar cost after the first 12 months?

After the one year trial, an annual subscription to OnStar Services (which does not include a Wi-Fi data plan) will cost €99.50/Year.

How much does it cost to call OnStar from the car?

You can contact OnStar as often as you wish, there are no additional costs for the calls you make.

When driving in another country, will OnStar charge me with extra costs when calling an OnStar advisor?

When you are in your car, you will not be charged when you contact an advisor through the OnStar system.


What if I press the red SOS button unintentionally?

Sometimes these things happen, it is no problem. When you are connected to an advisor we will just check if there is anything else we can help with.

What happens if I have an accident in a place where there is poor reception or no mobile phone coverage is available?

The larger roof antenna which comes with OnStar, provides a stronger signal compared to your mobile phone, even if you are in an area of poor reception. However, where no coverage is available OnStar services may not be available.

Can I use my own Roadside provider via OnStar?

With OnStar, we provide our customers access to a first-class roadside emergency service, Opel Roadside. We are able to provide them with vehicle details & in certain circumstances your location. We are currently unable to provide this same service with other roadside service providers.

How does the Roadside assistance support work?

OnStar provides Roadside assistance support.
If your car is within the Opel Roadside Assistance coverage period and policy terms, they will dispatch a professional breakdown recovery team to your location. If you are outside the Opel Roadside coverage, a charge may be payable to the roadside assistance provider.

At what kind of emergencies can OnStar help me with?

OnStar can help you with all imaginable emergencies in the vehicle. Whether you have an accident, a medical emergency in the car or you see an accident on the road and you want to alert the emergency services. Just press the red SOS button and we can help.

Is OnStar only available in emergencies?

No, OnStar can provide many more features than help in an emergency situation. You can contact OnStar via the blue Service Button in the car or the myOpel/MyVauxhall App. If you need the address of that new restaurant, you want to check the warning light on your car, or if you forgot to lock the your car, we are there to help you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Will OnStar always work?

OnStar services rely on wireless communication networks and satellite positioning systems. The larger roof antenna which comes with OnStar, provides a stronger signal compared to a mobile phone, which helps OnStar to stay better-connected to you and your vehicle, even if you are in an area of poor reception, but, there may be remote areas where OnStar services may not have a signal which will prevent them from working.


How can I connect a Wi-Fi device with the Wi-Fi hotspot?

It is really easy & just like you would connect to any Wi-Fi network.
Firstly press the privacy button, select Wi-Fi settings on the infotainment screen & you will find the Wi-Fi hotspot name & password
Start a Wi-Fi network search on your mobile device and select your vehicle hotspot when listed. Enter the password when prompted. You can access your Wi-Fi settings in the car or via the app.

I already have a 3G/4G subscription on my mobile. Why should I pay for another one?

OnStar Wi-Fi connectivity provide a stronger signal strength than your mobile, due to the large roof antenna on the car, and you will have a superior experience. You can also tether up to 7 mobile devices in the car, so your passengers will be able to use the hotspot too.

What about data roaming (EU)?

There are no additional costs for data roaming. Please see the country lists in section " get OnStar" showing where OnStar services & data are available .

Can I turn off the WiFi hotspot in the car?

Yes, should you wish. You can turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot by contacting an OnStar advisor, via the myOpel/MyVauxhall app or through your OnStar account .

Smartphone App

For which mobile devices is the myOpel/MyVauxhall app available?

The myOpel App is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

How can I download and install the myOpel/Vauxhall app?

The myOpel/ My Vauxhall app is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple AppStore.


I can see a warning light in my vehicle. Can OnStar help me understand what it means and advise appropriate actions?

Yes. You may press the Service Button at any time and an OnStar Advisor can run a thorough diagnostic check of your vehicle's key systems, even while driving.

Destination Download

My Opel vehicle is not equipped with a original navigation system, can I still use OnStar Destination Download?

No. The Destination Download feature requires a factory-installed navigation system, and the relevant map data.

How does it work?

Press the service button and request your POI or address. The advisor sends the address to your factory installed Navi system. After the advisor ends the call, the address is visible on the Navi system. Select the address and the navigation system provides the route

Data Privacy

What (personal) data is shared with OnStar for what purposes?

OnStar will only collect personal data in order to identify or address you for your subscribed services.

Can I prevent OnStar from using my data?

OnStar will not forward your data to any 3rd parties without your consent.

What about OnStar tracking me and knowing where I am?

OnStar does not track you. You are in control of when OnStar uses your location, the Privacy button allows you to mask your location at any time. If you change your mind, you can press the privacy button again to reveal your location for OnStar services. Only in case of emergency will this be overruled to protect your life.

What data is collected?

OnStar only collects data that you share with us to bring your OnStar subscribed services to you. Customer information - such as name, address, e-mail, security information such as PIN, emergency contacts (in case you want us to contact a loved one if you have an emergency)
Vehicle data - such as odometer, mileage, tyre pressure, oil life, fuel levels, diagnostics,
Vehicle location - to provide destination download, stolen vehicle assistance and emergency services

Can I decide which data is collected?

Yes you can. We will ask you to provide some basic customer information when you register, so we can legally deliver OnStar services. You may wish to share additional data beyond that e.g. emergency contact information directly at registration or later on.

How do I know what data is collected by OnStar?

When you register for OnStar we will provide detailed information about what data is collected and what it is used for.

How will this data be used?

The data OnStar collects will only be used to deliver your subscribed services to you. We will never forward your data for the use of a 3rd party without your consent

Is the data transferred to other countries?

All OnStar service data will be stored on our servers in Germany and will remain in Europe. Some of your general customer data may need to be transferred through servers in the U.S., for example for billing and payment processing purposes. For details please see our Privacy Statement.

After Trial

How do I buy services & data after my free trials?

Go the "after my trial" section for more information