Opel Corsavan - Overview


Opel Corsavan.

Stylish and surprisingly roomy. The Opel Corsavan makes light work of heavy loads.


Discover the small 3-door panel van.

The Opel Corsavan is full of pleasant surprises. It’s great fun to drive, exceptionally economical, robust and highly dependable, but above all you’ll be impressed by how much practicality can be packed into such a compact and elegant shape.


Your business demands economy, manoeuvrability and handling agility? Check out what makes the Corsavan the perfect workmate;

• Loadspace and capacity

• Low running costs

• Attractive design

• Impressive comfort and safety
• Versatile functionality

  • Easy access cover

  • Load capacity


919 litres load capacity

Small on the road, capacious inside, the Opel Corsavan can load up to 475 kg, and beneath the smooth modern shape there is room for a surprising 919 litres of whatever you need to carry. That’s a winning combination.

  • Exterior design


Economic sense

Small is beautiful, but with the Opel Corsavan it is also very frugal. Both petrol and diesel engines deliver winning performance while merely sipping fuel. In fact with the combination of low fuel consumption, high residual values and long service intervals, it’s a full-size asset on the bottom line.

  • Interior design

  • Exterior design


Stylish and smart

One look tells you that the Corsavan is a stylish business asset. A closer examination reveals more, like the smart design that provided wide doors, easy load access and a host of other features designed to make the working day more pleasant and much easier.

  • Electro Power Steering (EPS)

  • Interior design


Fresh, friendly and secure

The working day can be long and frustrating, the Opel Corsavan helps keep it smooth and efficient. Great seats, excellent ergonomics and real car-like comfort, are joined by a host of active and passive safety features. It may be small, but the Opel Corsavan is big on providing comfort and convenience.