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Downtown or off-road: Experience Xtra safety, connectivity & the feeling of a premium SUV. Discover the features of Mokka X 120 Years Edition and so much more! You can also add one of two Technology Packs to add to the action.

Models display additional standard features and wheels.


The Mokka X 120 Years Edition features the following additional equipment to the standard SC model:

  • 120 Years badging and sill plates
  • Exclusive Allure cloth seat trim
  • 120 Years 18-inch multi-spoke, alloy wheels
  • Exclusive 120 Years floor mats
  • Electronic climate control
  • IntelliLink Infotainment system

Adjust to your needs with:


Technology Pack A:

  • Electric Comfort Pack
  • Rear-View Camera


Technology Pack B:

  • Navi 900 IntelliLink infotainment system with satellite navigation
  • 4.2” colour instrument cluster


More about the Mokka X.