Advanced technology
IntelliLux® Matrix LED
The new Opel Corsa features best-in-class IntelliLux® Matrix LED headlights that provide optimum visibility and automatic adaptability to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. With 14 Matrix segments and a new design, IntelliLux® gives you confidence in all conditions! 
Opel Drive Assist
The Active Lane Centring function as part of Opel Drive Assist keeps an electronic eye on the road and uses subtle steering torque to automatically keep the new Opel Corsa in its lane, making highway driving safer, less tiring, and more enjoyable. 
Adaptive Cruise Control
When activated, Adaptive Cruise Control accelerates and brakes automatically, keeping your Opel Corsa at a consistent distance from the car in front, for a safer, more comfortable, and relaxing ride. 
Speed Sign Recognition
The new Opel Corsa’s advanced camera system recognises various traffic signs and conveniently displays them in-front of you on your digital cluster. This means that no-matter how much is happening on the road around you, you won't miss a speed sign again!
Automatic Emergency Braking
The Automatic Emergency Braking System of the Opel Corsa watches the road ahead, alerting the driver in the event of an impending collision, and actively applies the brakes when no action is taken. The system recognizes both cars and pedestrians and provides additional peace of mind in busy urban environments. (System active between 5km/h and 140km/h) 
Blind Spot Detection
The Opel Corsa’s Blind Spot Monitor works between 12 and 140km/h, and constantly watches your blind spots. Indicators located in the outside mirrors, illuminate to alert you when vehicles are within your blind spot, making highway journeys safer and more comfortable.