The system audibly warns the driver of potential danger ahead. If another car or a pedestrian gets too close, it automatically brakes - even bringing it to a halt on automic models.


1 = Optional on SC / SE - late 2017.
Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection works automatically at speeds between 5 and 140km/h. For speeds between 5 and 30km/h a 0.9g deceleration is applied to reduce the impact speed of the collision. For speeds of 30 to 140km/h the system reduces the speed by up to 50km/h. To reduce speed by over 50km/h the driver needs to provide additional braking. The operational speed range depends on the type of obstacle detected:

  • Mobile obstacles: detected between 5 to 140km/h.
  • Fixed obstacle: detected between 5 to 80km/h.
  • Pedestrians: detected between 5 to 60km/h.

Please note: Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the inherent limitations of the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task at all times.