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The GT X Experimental reveals Opel's new theme for the front. The distinctive Opel Vizor is set to be a hallmark design element for all Opel models later in the 2020s.


The GT X Experimental welcomes passengers with spacious, unobstructed access. All four doors opening wide to 90 degrees to give the concept an approachable character.


The rear echoes the front fascia and shows the Opel Compass in its purity, with the Blitz solidly anchoring the wing-shaped rear lights.


Yellow graphic lines on the rim echo the yellow signature accent of the body. They surround the electronic Blitz emblem that keeps standing still as the wheels rotate.


Cropped triangles are engraved in the body: The LED screen shows the electric charge level of the battery. The GT X Experimental confirms all Opel models to be electrified by 2024.


The strong silhouette is accentuated by a bold graphic identity separating the upper and lower areas. The Opel yellow signature accent gives the concept structure and dynamism.