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OnStar FAQ.



When will OnStar services end?

Please note that all OnStar and Wi-Fi services enabled by the OnStar connection (if available in your country) will end by Dec. 31, 2020.
This includes the Wifi services of the OnStar telecommunications partner as well as the automatic crash response.

For all vehicles with OnStar the free 12-month service trial (excluding WiFi) can be activated until November 30, 2019. This will no longer be possible at a later date.

Last chance to activate 3-months/ 3 GB (whichever comes first) Wifi service trial is March 31, 2020.




What (personal) data is shared with OnStar and for what purposes?

OnStar does not collect your data unless you subscribe to the OnStar services. If you subscribe to the OnStar services, OnStar collects data that you share with them in order to provide your OnStar services to you. To view the OnStar Privacy Policy, log in to the OnStar portal and go to ''My Profile''.

Can I prevent OnStar from using my data?
You can request deletion of your date. See OnStar Privacy Policy for details.

What about OnStar tracking me and knowing where I am?
OnStar does not track you. You are in control of when OnStar uses your location, the privacy button allows you to mask your location at any time. If you change your mind, you can press the privacy button again to reveal your location for OnStar services. Only in the case of an emergency will this be overruled to protect your life.

What data is collected?
OnStar collects data that you share with them in accordance with its Privacy Statemet to provide you with your subscribed OnStar services. Customer information- such as name, address, e-mail, security information such as PIN, emergency contacts (incase you want a loved one to be contacted if you have an emergency). Vehicle data- such as odometer, mileage, tyre pressure, oil life, fuel levels, diagnostics. Vehicle location- to provide destination download, stolen vehicle assistance and emergency services. See OnStar Privacy Statement for details.

Can I decide which data is collected?
Yes you can. We will ask you to provide some basic customer information when you register, so we can legally deliver OnStar services. You may wish to share additional data beyond that e.g. emergency contact information directly at registration or later on.

How do I know what data is collected by OnStar?

When you register for OnStar you will be provided with to view the OnStar Privacy Policy, log in to the OnStar portal and go to ''My Profile''. Detailed information about what data will be collected and what it is used for.

How will this data be used?
The data OnStar collects will only be used to deliver subscribed services to you. We will never forward your data to 3rd parties without your consent.

Is the data transferred to other countries?

All OnStar service data is stored and remains on servers in Europe. Some general customer data may be transferred through servers in the U.S. for billing and payment processing purposes only. To view the OnStar Privacy Policy, log in to the OnStar portal and go to ""My Profile"". "