How to keep enjoying OnStar.

If you don’t subscribe, you will lose all your OnStar 1,2 benefits. But don’t worry: Ordering a continuation of the OnStar services 3 (excluding Wi-Fi data 4 ) is easy. You have 2 options:


Pricing for the OnStar services3 (excluding Wi-Fi4) depends on the duration of the subscription.


If you go for a monthly subscription, OnStar comes at €9.95 per month. A yearly subscription comes at €99.50 per year.5

Option 1.

Log-in to the OnStar portal with your credentials and go to “OnStar Packages” to purchase your OnStar service package. Subscribe via the OnStar portal now!

Option 2.

Press the blue service button in your car to talk to an OnStar advisor. They will assist you in ordering the continuation of OnStar services.


1If after your trial you do not purchase an OnStar subscription, you will no longer be able to use OnStar services or be able to access the OnStar features in the myOpel app. Even without an active OnStar subscription, you will still receive Vehicle Diagnostics in a monthly e-mail for 4 additional years, if you do not opt out. 

2OnStar Services require activation and are subject to mobile network coverage and GPS availability. Charges apply after the free trial period. The OnStar subscription packages could be different from the services included in the free trial package. Some features may not be available for certain carlines or trim levels. Terms and conditions apply.

3If your car is within the Opel Roadside Assistance coverage period and policy terms, OnStar can provide roadside assistance support for free. If your car is outside its Opel Roadside Assistance coverage period or policy terms, the AA may charge you for their services.

4For data trial period of Wi-Fi Hotspot see “Get OnStar” Section

Stay Connected.


Did you enjoy your Wi-Fi data trial and want to purchase a data plan for the first time?


Did you enjoy not paying for roaming in many European destinations1? Then set up an account with Vodafone!


You will receive an email before your trial ends, explaining the process to purchase an in-car Wi-Fi plan. You don’t need to do anything before then.


Manage your OnStar Account.



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