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Immediate Crash Assistance: OnStar Can Save Your Life.

Driving with a good feeling: OnStar is with you in case you have an accident. Even if you are not able to call for help anymore.

What Happens Next after a Crash?

March 3rd 2016: Eulalia Serrano is driving through Madrid in her Opel Zafira. At a crossroads, the road appears to be clear but all of a sudden: An impact. A shock. And a calming voice from out of nowhere. If a collision occurs, sensors in your Opel automatically alert the OnStar Service Centre. Immediately, an OnStar advisor contacts you via the hands-free speakerphone to assess your situation. If necessary, they locate you and alert the emergency services straight away. The Automatic Crash Response is just one of the numerous innovative features of Opel OnStar. READ MORE SHOW LESS

Emergency Call Service around the Clock

Dizziness, fainting, palpitations: if you, one of your passengers, or a passer-by need medical assistance we are there for you.

Breakdown? OnStar!

Had a breakdown on the roadside at night – and your mobile phone battery is dead? Just press the Service Button for OnStar to connect you to the Opel roadside assistance.