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5W-30 dexos2 is the new, green, high performance oil – designed to provide exceptional cleaning power, wear and overall engine protection combined with improved fuel economy. 5W-30 dexos2 provides improved engine cleanliness and protection against sludge and harmful deposits due to enhanced detergent / dispersant additives. It prolongs the life and maintains the efficiency of Emission Reduction Systems (DPF and CAT) in both diesel and gasoline powered automobiles due to low sulphated ash, phosphorous and sulphur (SAPS) content. Using 5W-30dexos2 provides enhanced fuel economy benefits.


Opel Original DOT 4+ Brake Fluid for hydraulic brake and clutch systems has extreme low temperature viscosity. It was developed for use with the latest ABS and ESP systems to provide immediate brake responsiveness. The DOT 4+ brake fluid features a dry boiling point of at least 265°C and a wet boiling point of at least 175°C. It contains effective corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants, has great thermal stability and excellent corrosion protection properties. Low viscosity even at extreme temperatures guarantees full brake functions for ABS and ESP systems and provides improved security.


Only Opel Original Dex-Cool Longlife Coolant provides the appropriate antifreeze and overheating protection of the cooling system and the right concentration of additives/inhibitors to protect against corrosion, cavitations, deposits and foam formation. It ensures full all-year-round material compatibility of all components and materials used in the engines, e.g. steel, aluminum, copper, brass and plastics exposed to coolant. This Opel Original fluid has been intensively tested and validated and has the same specification as the Original factory designated product.


The Opel Original Screen Wash is an all-seasons cleaning agent concentrate for windscreen washer systems with anti-freeze properties to protect the windscreen washer system. It is suited for fan-shaped washer jets in all vehicles and provides maximum cleaning power from minimum wash frequency.

It removes typical dirt, oil, diesel soot, road salt, silicon and dust thrown up by braking. At the same time, it protects sensitive polycarbonate headlamp lenses, paintwork, plastic and rubber parts. Its high quality specification has made it the test winner in independent consumer tests.


Opel Original touch-up paints feature the original vehicle colors and ensure exact matching of solid, metallic or pearl/mica finishes for the personal repair of small blemishes and scratches. The durable gloss formulation is weather and fuel resistant, has excellent adhesion qualities, and combines an enhanced surface hardness with good elasticity. The products are environmentally friendly. They are 100% free of heavy metals and CFCs and feature fully recyclable packaging. The childproof caps and self-cleaning valves for the sprays ensure a clean and secure use of the products.