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Opel Combo-e Cargo

It's time to discover the key features


With an impressive maximum load length of 3090mm2, the Cargo is compact on the outside but seriously spacious inside. 
Loading space
With a maximum cargo space of up to 3.8m3(1), the Combo-e Cargo has enough room to meet all of your cargo needs, so even supersized objects can be moved comfortably.
A high payload of 800kg means no cargo overwhelms the Combo-e Cargo, making it the perfect partner in business. Overload Indicator1 weighs the cargo in the rear and actively warns the driver if the payload has been exceeded.

1 Option available in selected markets only. 
Load-through flap

A removable hatch1 in the cargo partition behind the front passenger seat allows you to easily transport extra-long objects.



Rear roof flap

Need to move extremely long cargo like a ladder? The handy rear roof hatch1 pops open to 40°, allowing longer objects to be safely stowed in transit.


1 Optional.

Interior storage
With plenty of clever storage compartments, the Combo-e Cargo has space for all your gear.


Passenger seat bench

Sit three up front with the passenger bench1. Fold it down completely for extended load space, or transform into a table - turning the Combo-e Cargo into a mobile office.



Foldable passenger seat
For the times you're driving solo with only cargo to keep you company, the front passenger seat easily folds down into the floor to create an even more versatile load space.
Cabin bulkhead

The cargo partitions1 keep you, your passenger and cargo safe, preventing items from protruding into the front cabin – specifiy as a solid wall or with a glass pane and grill.




Single or dual sliding doors1 make access to the rear of the Combo-e easy, and eliminate any danger of scrapes while parking in tight spots.




Configure the rear of the Combo-e with tailgate1 or asymmetric slam doors with window for increased visibility, each designed to perfectly suit your individual needs.



The Combo-e Cargo comes in two lengths – 4.4m for the regular version, or 4.75m for the Combo-e Cargo long-wheelbase version with extra load space. Choose the Crew Van to transport five including driver. 


A true Opel featuring a durable, functional design conveying German quality. The Combo-e Cargo is the perfect representative of your business. 
With a raised seating position, countless storage options, intuitive controls and serious versatility, the Combo-e 's smart cabin is a real multi-tasker, providing car-like passenger comfort.  
LED Daytime Lights

LED Daytime Running Lights1 are efficient and help keep you – and other drivers – safe on the road during daylight hours.




Safety & innovations

Automatic Emergency Braking
Automatic Emergency Braking1 with Pedestrian Detection warns of potential collisions with a pedestrian or another vehicle2. If no action is taken, the car will brake automatically.
Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist1 alerts the driver with a lane departure warning and gently course-corrects if your Combo begins drifting lanes unexpectedly, keeping you on track.



Speed Sign Recognition

Speed Sign Recognition1 reads road signs, detects changes to the speed limit and alerts the driver accordingly.


1 Optional.

Safety & airbags

A driver’s airbag is standard on all models. The Crew Van model adds a front passenger and two side airbags. For all models six airbags1 including curtain airbags for maximum protection are available.


1 Optional.

Side Blind Spot Alert

Side Blind Zone Alert1 automatically monitors and warns of approaching vehicles on parallel lanes and in blind spots, giving drivers greater reassurance when changing lanes and making life that little bit easier.


1 Optional.

Hill descent control

The Hill Descent Control1 is a function of the IntelliGrip system that helps drivers safely navigate even the steepest of slopes in a controlled and careful manner by automatically moderating speed and braking profile.


1 Optional.

Flank Guard

The Flank Guard1 system uses 12 sensors to warn of obstacles which may not be visible during low-speed cornering via visual and audio alerts on the infotainment screen.



Surround Rear Vision

The Surround Rear Vision1 uses two cameras to display the van's surroundings onto the 5" digital screen, giving the driver all-round visilbility - making getting in and out of tight parking spots a breeze. 



Rear View Camera

The Rear View Camera1 displays on the 8" touchscreen with virtual guidelines to help make reversing simple.



Head-Up Display

With the Head-Up Display1, key info such as speed, navigation and Driver Drowsiness Alert appears on a glass screen behind the wheel, so your eyes can stay fixed on the road.



Trailer stability control
Trailer stability control is a smart system that monitors the steadiness of a towed trailer and automatically adjusts vehicle speed using engine torque and all-wheel braking to dampen excessive and potentially dangerous vibrations.
Overload Indicator

To further maintain safety when transporting heavy loads, a handy Overload Capacity Indicator1 in the cargo area gives out a warning whenever the vehicles limit is close to or is currently being exceeded.


1 Option available in selected markets only.




Multimedia Navi Pro1 with advanced voice control and full navigation gets you where you're going, stress-free. Just choose your destination and let the sat-nav map your route.



Wireless charging

The Combo-e Cargo's wireless charging system1 allows you to charge your phone on the go, anytime – without the need for cables.



OpelConnect services1
A smart range of services delivering a new degree of safety and support helps you stay connected on the road – also when driving electric.    

Driving dynamics


The smart IntelliGrip1 system adapts to low-grip conditions such as driving in mud, sand or snow, and is available with five separate driving modes. 




Fun facts

Opel+ accessories

Meeting your individual needs

Express yourself with original Opel+ accessories and make the most out of your Combo Cargo. Designed and tested for your Opel.

PIcture may differ from product on sale.