Product Safety Recall

Product Safety Recall: Zafira B – Heating and Ventilation System

Reference Number 19-C-050 (E181801310) and 18-C-019 (E162078570)

Opel Ireland would like to provide our Opel Zafira customers with information regarding a product safety recall on Zafira models.


The models affected are Opel Zafira B models built between 2005 and 2014, which require a Safety Recall for their Heating and Ventilation System. The picture below identifies the model.


We have written to all affected customers in June this year.


It is a Governmental and Insurance requirement that vehicle owners ensure their vehicle is maintained in a safe condition. This includes having any Safety Recalls completed on your vehicle, as it could affect any insurance claim you might have.


We urge all affected customers to contact their local Opel Authorised Repairer (your Opel dealership) to have this repair carried out.

You can locate your nearest Opel dealership on this website under the Find a Dealer section. Your Opel dealership will repair your vehicle back to safety, at no cost to you.

Opel Zafira B – 2005 to 2014

Zafira B models built with manual airconditioning or no airconditioning

The Safety Recall on Air-conditioned and Non Air-conditioned models (Reference Number 19-C-050 (E181801310)) replaces the heating and ventilation system wiring harness with a revised harness design and additional mounting points. The Heater Fan Resistor will be replaced with a new wax fuse design, a water deflector fitted to the windscreen scuttle and the blower motor will be replaced.


If the blower motor is not working or there is a smell of melting, please select the fan speed to the off position and under these circumstances please contact your local Opel dealer to arrange repairs immediately.

Zafira B models built with ECC (Electronic Climate Control)

The Safety Recall on Opel Zafira B models equipped with Electronic Climate Control (Reference Number 18-C-019 (E162078570)) will replace the Climate Control System controller (the Linear Power Module), fit a water deflector to the windscreen scuttle and replace the blower.


Until a customer’s vehicle has had this product safety recall carried out, they should not leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running.

Even if a customer’s Zafira B has already been reworked under a previous Safety Recall, it is essential that Recall Reference 19-C-050 (Air-Conditioned and Non Air-Conditioned models) or Recall Reference 18-C-019 (Electronic Climate Control models) is completed.


If you need further help or information about this recall, please call our Opel customer assistance centre on Tel  01 5339818.