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GT X Style

Bold and progressive attitude

Bold, progressive and exciting – the Opel GT X Experimental represents Opel’s vision for the future and proudly shows how we relate to the cultural evolution of Germany.

Exciting future

Opel is proud of its German heritage but also wants to capture the bold spirit of modern Germany: to be fully diverse and inclusive.


We are committed to creating environments free of discrimination with regards to age, religion, race, disability and sexual orientation, as underlined by our philosophy "The future is everyone's". Going forward, Opel will provide people with engaging journeys in tomorrow’s world.

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German heritage evolved

In Germany the #StandardEvolved. More diverse and inclusive every day. At Opel we’re proud to embrace the values that make the birthplace of our cars such a progressive place to live.


Bold exterior

Unique front

The GT X Experimental reveals Opel's new theme for the front. The distinctive Opel Vizor is set to be a hallmark design element for all Opel models later in the 2020s.


The GT X Experimental welcomes passengers with spacious, unobstructed access. All four doors opening wide to 90 degrees to give the concept an approachable character.

Blending purity

The rear echoes the front fascia and shows the Opel Compass in its purity, with the Blitz solidly anchoring the wing-shaped rear lights.

High-tech appeal

Yellow graphic lines on the rim echo the yellow signature accent of the body. They surround the electronic Blitz emblem that keeps standing still as the wheels rotate.

Electric power

Cropped triangles are engraved in the body: The LED screen shows the electric charge level of the battery. The GT X Experimental confirms all Opel models to be electrified by 2024.

Bold proportions

The strong silhouette is accentuated by a bold graphic identity separating the upper and lower areas. The Opel yellow signature accent gives the concept structure and dynamism.

Pure interior

Interior design redefined

Our GT X Experimental defines a whole new philosophy for Opel’s specific, German design, combining blending purity with emotional boldness.

Intuitive driving experience

The Pure Panel is Opel’s digital detox for a relaxed driving experience while still providing drivers with all the latest technology at their fingertips. 

Seat craftmanship

Graphic details also highlight the strict purity of the design in the interior. Removable speakers nestled under the seat headrests also allow an out-of-car sound experience.

Unobstructed access

In the GT X Experimental, each usual function, each module of an automobile has been questioned with the aim of achieving purity of design by removing unnecessary design elements.

New Opel face


The Compass organises the design elements of Opel’s future face around two strong axes that intersect the brand emblem giving every clear continuity and consistency.


The Vizor gives new visual identity to future Opel models with the Opel logo as focus point. This single module frames the LED matrix headlights and all high-tech features.

Pure Panel

The Pure Panel is the new interior’s standout feature. A clean and welcoming instrument panel encased in one wide, single screen. Digital detox for a relaxed driving experience.


Opel design on instagram

You want to learn more about the GT X Experimental and get insights about the Opel design journey? Our Head of Design Mark Adams gets you covered.