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Opel Service inspection

Regular servicing and maintenance by your Opel Retailer will help to keep your vehicle in peak condition. It will maintain the efficiency of your engine, improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions. This also helps you to reduce costs and gives you peace of mind that your Opel is safe and reliable.

Service inspection

You’ll benefit from expert care by fully trained technicians, genuine Opel parts, and free checks for safety enhancements, recalls and software upgrades. You’ll also get an Opel stamp in your service book.

Infrequent oil changes or using the wrong type of oil increase CO2 emissions, as well as shortening the life expectancy of your engine. Your Opel Retailer use the most fuel-efficient oil suitable for your vehicle to improve fuel economy. Furthermore, the tyre pressure gauges used by Opel are extremely accurate and guarantee your tyre pressures are set correctly. Too low tyre pressure reduces fuel efficiency and increases the costs of your fuel consumption.
During your scheduled service we will check the condition of the air filter to ensure it is functioning correctly. Blocked filters cause the engine to work harder and therefore increase CO2 emissions.
Like any vehicle, your Opel needs servicing regularly to keep it in the best condition and to help maintain its value. Only an Opel authorized repairer knows your vehicle’s technology best and is equipped with specific tools and the  state-of-the-art computerized diagnostic equipment to ensure high quality repair for a fair price.

We recommend that cars are serviced every year or 30,000 kilometers.
Please check your owners’ manual to confirm exactly what your Opel needs.

Scope of inspection at your Opel authorized repairer:


  • Oil filter change
  • Interior filter change
  • Battery check
  • Break fluid change
  • Functional inspection (Auto body, Tire, Exhaust)
  • Functional inspection (Breaks, Engine, Chassis)
  • Functional inspection (Light and Electronic)