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Optimise Range

How to go even further in your electric car

There are lots of small things you can do to extend the range of your electric car. And even though you can't influence everything, you'll find some useful tips here. 

Driving style

Two factors in particular influence the range of your Opel electric car: how fast you drive and how hard you accelerate. As a rule of thumb, if you double your speed, you halve your range. And every time you accelerate, your car consumes energy.


This is how you can extend the range:

  • Drive slowly and avoid unnecessary acceleration 
  • Look ahead and anticipate to avoid braking unnecessarily
  • Don't use sport mode if you don't need it
  • On the motorway, try driving at a safe distance behind another vehicle that's travelling at a steady speed
  • Try to avoid large, steep hills when planning your route


Want more tips? Then our Opel e-coaching tool is sure to turn you into an e-driving pro.

Extra weight

The weight of your car has a direct effect on the range. It's best to check what unnecessary weight you can easily do without before you start:


  • Make sure there's nothing in the luggage compartment or on the back seats that you don't really need. 
  • Remove unnecessary accessories 
  • Have a roof rack? Then take it off when it's not in use, because it increases air resistance. 
Tyre pressure

Underinflated tyres mean more work the engine (whatever the type) because there's more road contact. When it comes to electric cars, you'll really notice the big impact it has on range. 


  • Check tyre pressure at least once a month and before long journeys. 
  • If necessary, fill them up at the nearest petrol station according to the recommended values.

It really pays off!


What else matters

Speed has the greatest impact on range. According to WLTP, for example, if you drive at a constant speed of 130 km/h, the range of your fully electric vehicle is cut in half. If your speed doubles, air resistance quadruples. Bottom line: driving fast burns more energy.  
A cautious approach
While speed is a big factor when it comes to range, so is constant acceeleration and braking. That's why it's best to choose the ECO driving mode. A proactive, energy-saving driving style combined with your electric car's regenerative braking system can give you up to 15% more range.  
The energy for the heater comes directly from the vehicle's battery, which can affect the range of your electric car by up to 35%, depending on the season. Here's a useful tip: preheat your electric car - for example via the app - while it's connected to the mains. If you do this, you won't deplete the battery.  
The remaining range as displayed on the instrument panel is always a prediction based on your driving style. If you manage to reduceenergy consumption byy following the tips mentioned above, the display automatically adjusts to your new driving behaviour.