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Vivaro-e Panel Van

From €43,995.00** **Includes SEAI grant and VRT rebate

The new Opel Vivaro-e is the premium choice for businesses with the highest professional standards that require their vehicles fit seamlessly into an optimized work process. With uncompromising character and emission free driving, Vivaro-e is ideal for the urban environment and beyond, available in three vehicle lengths and with two battery sizes for a range of up to 330 km (WLTP)1

1 Energy consumption Vivaro-e/Zafira-e Life (combined) 23.3 – 29.5  kWh/100 km; CO2 emission 0 g/km; range (combined) 230 km to 330 km (depending on equipped options).***


Zero emission delivery

From the highway to the urban ‘last mile’, the uncompromising character of new Vivaro-e delivers fully-electric commercial prowess without limiting practicability or durability. Opel understands the practical commercial needs of our professional customers, with a focus on reliability and low cost of operation.   

Payload professional

Uncompromised load functionality

Like the Vivaro with combustion engine, the new Vivaro-e convinces with facts and figures when it comes to transport. It offers a class-leading maximum payload of 1275 kg1, a highly competitive load volume of up to 6.6 m3 (2) and maximum load length of up to 4m(2).


While you’ll have the free space, you might not always have enough free hands, which is why new Vivaro-e has optional electric sliding doors3 that open with a wave of your foot under the rear corner.


1 On L2 models fitted with FlexCargo®.

2, 3 Dependent on model.

Smart business


New Vivaro-e puts you fully in control with all the information you need, providing a complete digital overview of your journey right at your fingertips. 


The special e-INFO instrument panel gives a clean, graphic visualization in real-time so you can plan your jobs with confidence. 

For the road ahead

Autobahn proof ready

With the fully electric powertrain and enhanced cabin architecture of new Vivaro-e your business can go further, safer, and more efficiently in the urban environment and beyond., making it not only city-proof but also autobahn-proof too. Keep the pace in every business environment, with instantaneous torque and a top speed of 130km/h, all while protecting your most valuable assets.


New Vivaro-e is equally adept on open highway, city streets and worksites with a suite of safety systems to protect crew and cargo in every environment, including Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, Side Blind-Spot Alert, 180-degree rear-view camera and optional IntelliGrip traction control.

Check the daily range of your Vivaro-e

Class-leading features

Perfectly integrated batttery

The new Opel Vivaro-e is available with a 50kWh battery for a range of up to 230km or a 75kWh battery for up to 330km1. Opel’s groundbreaking powertrain technology and architecture means that the low, flat battery gives Vivaro-e a stable center of gravity and maximum cabin space.


1 Energy consumption Vivaro-e/Zafira-e Life (combined) 23.3 – 29.5  kWh/100 km; CO2 emission 0 g/km; range (combined) 230 km to 330 km (depending on equipped options). The range and electric consumption figures mentioned are preliminary and comply with the WLTP test procedure, on the basis of which new vehicles are type approved from 1 September 2018. EG type approval and Certificate of Conformity are not yet available. The preliminary values might differ from official final type approval data. These may vary depending on actual conditions of use and on different factors such as: speed, thermal comfort on board the vehicle, driving style and outside temperature. The charging time depends in particular on the power of the charger on board the vehicle, the charging cable and the type and power of the charging station used. Please contact your dealer for further information. For more information

Noise free
Attract attention to your business for only the right reasons. The new Vivaro-e’s intrinsically quiet full-battery electric powertrain is ideal in dense urban and residential environments, meaning that ‘zero-emission’ applies as much to noise pollution as it does to exhaust gas. Vivaro-e runs quietly both inside and out, reducing stress for drivers over long workdays. 
Regenerative braking
No part of the working day is wasted with the new Vivaro-e. While driving, as soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the Regenerative Braking system recaptures kinetic energy whilst braking and converts that power into even more range. In its highest setting (B-Mode), most short journeys can be driven without use of traditional brakes, reducing wear and associated maintenance costs. 
Quick & easy charging
The high-energy density 50kWh/18-module and 75kWh/27-module batteries can charge from empty to 80% of optimum range in just 30 and 45 minutes respectively at a 100kW public charger. On-board 7.4kW or enhanced 11kW chargers are perfect to fully prepare your new Vivaro-e overnight for the full working day ahead.  
Vehicle data monitoring
New Vivaro-e’s sophisticated sensors and Vehicle Data Monitoring systems gives you a detailed overview and projection of driving conditions, range and energy. 
Low running costs
As concerns grow about air quality in cities, and emissions-free zones in urban areas become common, electric commercial vehicles are increasingly essential for cost-efficient business. Vivaro-e means freedom from fluctuating fuel prices and full-rate vehicle taxes, and extremely competitive operating costs and state purchase incentives.    

Opel services for electric vehicles

From Charging options to mobility Services, The Opel Services for electric Vehicles offer a smooth and carefree start into e-mobility.
"International Van of the year 2021."
The Opel Vivaro-e is the first all-electric Light Commercial Vehicle from Opel and one of the first on the market to win the coveted International Van of the Year award. It’s time for you to benefit from the success of this outstanding German business tool. We’ve delivered. So can you.  
Continental tyres Irish Van of the Year 2022
Ireland’s best-selling electric van in 2022, the zero-emissions Opel Vivaro-e, is the Irish Van of the Year 2022. 

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