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You have undoubtedly noticed that your Opel will be due for its next NCT test soon. Have it done by the Opel experts at our dealership and spare yourself unnecessary trips between NCT test centre and your workshop for follow-up repairs!

Prepare for your NCT

The NCT is conducted every 2 years for vehicles younger than 10 years and vehicles that are being presented for their 10th anniversary inspection or older than 10 years must undergo an annual inspection. This regular evaluation of cars will result in a more frequent car servicing culture, which will provide better fuel economy, reduce overall repair costs and lower the risk of breakdowns and hence could result in potentially lower insurance premiums.
Our Opel Dealers are qualified to conduct pre NCT checks, and use their expertise to look after your Opel.

If you need anything checked ahead of your NCT, your local Opel dealer is on hand to help.