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Smart & Glass Repairs

Smart repairs

Get expert repairs at decent prices from your Opel authorized repairer

The simple way to fix your car

Stone chips, hail, scratches and little dents - yes, they are aggravaiting, but the good news is you can give back your Opel its good looks. Opel Smart Repair is our fast, cost-effective, and simple way to fix minor damages.
Fast because Smart Repair reduces downtime with on-the-spot repairs on windscreens, body paints or upholsteries.
Cost-effective solutions are important to you and us! That's why Opel we always try repairing small damages rather than replacing parts, this saves money and time.
Simple is how we like to keep it. All you have to do is make an appointment with one of our Smart Repair dealers. We will take care of the rest!

Glass Repair

Stone chips in your car's windscreen are distracting and on top don't look good. In many cases, windscreens can be repaired rather than replaced, making it an efficient way to save money. Opel Smart Repair can easily repair these damages, so you can get back on the road and feel safe!

Spot Repair

Minor damages to the vehicle body, scratches when parking the car - they do occur sometimes. But thanks to our innovative paint spray technique, we can quickly repair larger spots of damaged body paint. The localized paint repair is flexible, timesaving, and cost-effective.