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Opel Experimental

The Power of What if
Discover the new Opel
We believe the best way to take on the future is to go all in: We’ll be all electric by 2028. Driven by our restless spirit of not being afraid but trying things out. We call it the power of "What if“. This spirit lives in every car and every single feature and detail we introduce. That same spirit shapes the essence of our new website and logo. Find out what the new Opel is made of.

What if a car could help you focus on what really matters?

That's our concept of Detox.


Detox is our approach to a more focused, safe, and powerful drive. The interior is designed to create a pure and immersive experience, allowing drivers to stay fully engaged. Our pure panel presents only the most relevant information. Nothing more, nothing less. We have liberated space by eliminating mechanical steering components. Our ultra-light seats, crafted with 3D mesh-technology fabrics, ensure an exceptional driving experience.
What if a car enabled a brighter journey ahead?

That’s what we call Greenovation.


Greenovation to us means innovation for sustainable mobility. Not just building a car, but rethinking the features of tomorrow. The Opel Experimental is an all-electric vehicle, driving on recycled rubber and without any chrome. We replace chrome design elements with vibrant and modern light technology. Active features enhance the aero-efficiency of the car and ensure the best driving experience today and tomorrow.
What if we would rethink design?

That is our modern German design philosophy.


Bold and pure in every detail. The 4D vizor at the front and our expressive compass form the bold Opel brand face. The ultra-modern exterior with its sleek silhouette embodies our pioneering spirit. Cutting-edge exterior lighting shows the modern character of the car and guides future car model designs.

What if our logo was more
than just a logo?
The new Blitz. The same energy.
The Opel logo is more relevant than ever before. It expresses who we are and where we want to go. It symbolizes our promise for the democratization of innovation and mobility but also conveys our commitment to becoming a fully electric brand in Europe by 2028. Like no other brand logo, our iconic lightning bolt stands for an electrifying future. That’s why we redesigned it and made it bolder, sharper, and even more confident. Discover the new Opel „Blitz.“