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Facts & Advantages

An electric car means a clear advantage

Electric cars are efficient, quiet and locally emission-free. They require less maintenance than combustion engines and much of the electricity they need comes from renewable sources. That is a decisive advantage for the environment. And for all of us

Bye bye, CO2

Electric cars have numerous advantages for the environment. 

Better carbon footprint
The carbon footprint of electric cars is significantly better than that of combustion engines - over their entire service life. This has been proven by numerous studies. The most important reason is that electric motors are more energy-efficient and do not emit a single gram of CO2 while you're driving.   
Better for the environment
Of course it's true that energy is needed for battery production and that releases CO2. But electric cars recoup this energy during operation. A recent study shows that the CO2 balance is already equalised after about 30,000 kilometres - a super value with an assumed battery life of 250,000 kilometres!   
No pollutants? Fantastic!

Electric cars are not included in any pollutant class. That makes perfect sense because they don't emit any pollutants. That means they can be driven everywhere without hesitation - even in the growing number of city-centre environmental zones. A clear advantage over all combustion engines. 

Remember, you will still need to register your electric car to be able to drive in these zones.


This also speaks in favour of electric cars. 

Financial benefits

Electric cars pay off. You can currently benefit from a number of attractive subsidies and incentives. Find out how the purchase or lease of an electric car can benefit you or your company.
State subsidies
Electric really pays off. Benefit from low overall running costs thanks to government subsidies and cheaper service trips.
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Easy in the city
Electric cars are simply perfect for the city. The advantages are obvious: you are powerful but quiet on the road.  

Charging and range

Maximum driving pleasure. More and more range. And ever shorter charging times. 

Find out how an electric vehicle can make your everyday life easier. 

Electric drivetrains made simple

Everything you need to know before taking the plunge

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