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Opel has teased fans by revealing the name of its newest concept car, the Opel Experimental. The German brand will release further details in the coming weeks before presenting the Opel Experimental to an international audience at the IAA Mobility in Munich, from 5th to 10th September.
Opel CEO, Florian Huettl, said: “As the name indicates, the Opel Experimental will give a clear vision for the brand and not just for a carline. It shows where our brand is heading in the coming years – and will influence all our next-generation production vehicles. It is a symbol for what we want to achieve with the Opel brand.”
The Opel Experimental also represents the next stage in the evolution of the critically acclaimed Bold and Pure design philosophy first seen in the GT X Experimental. The new concept car embodies the further sharpening of the brand within Stellantis by bringing additional life to the brand pillars Detox, Modern German, and Greenovation. 
In addition, the latest creation from the Rüsselsheim Design Centre will be the first Opel to proudly sport the recently revealed new Opel ‘Blitz’. The sharper, confident new ‘Blitz’ is positioned prominently at the centre of the compass, which is Opel’s key graphic design principle and the backbone of front, rear and interior design elements.