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Family Cars

Family cars

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Astra Hatchback

With alle the innovations to get a little more from life, the latest tech to keep you in control and safety systems making your day easier, the Astra is more exciting than ever. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,370 mm, height 1,485 mm, width 2,042 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 370-1,210 l


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,220-1,450 kg (12 % gradient)/ 620-660 kg
Astra Sports Tourer

Living larger made easy: With its generous boot capacity of 540-1,630 l and the premium features of the Astra Hatchback, the Astra Sports Tourer offers all possibilities. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length: 4,702 mm, height 1,510 mm, width 2,042 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 540-1,630 l


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,100-1,450 kg (12 % gradient)/ 660-680 kg
Insignia Grand Sport

Combining premium brand quality, more useful innovations, an updatet design and more fuel-efficient engines the new Insignia Grand Sport moves with the times.


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length: 4,897 mm, height 1,455 mm, width 2,093 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 490-1,450 l


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 2,000 kg (12 % gradient)/ 750 kg
Combo Life

With loads of versatile space and packed with premium comfort and safety features, the new Combo Life with up to 7 seats is perfect for families everywhere. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length: Life: 4,403 mm, height 1,841 mm, width 2,107 mm; Life XL: 4,753 mm, height 1,880 mm, width 2,107 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: Life: 597-2,126 l; Life XL: 850-2,693 l


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,000-1,150 kg (12 % gradient) (1.2 Direct Injection Turbo), 1,000-1,500 kg (12 % gradient) (1.5 Diesel)

Versatility that turns heads. Style that’s ready for anything. From the boldly distinctive Vizor to the pure practical interior, Crossland is the SUV with everyday flexibility and beautiful design to turn heads wherever you go.  


  • Exterior Dimensions: 4,212 mm, height 1,605 mm, width 1,976 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 410-1,255 l


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked:  650-870 kg (12 % gradient)/ 560-650 kg
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Zafira Life

The Zafira Life is your go-anywhere family car with up to 9 seats that’s packed with luxury features the whole family will love – not to mention the flexible seating for the passengers.


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length: 4,606 mm (S), 4,956 mm (M), 5,306 mm (L), height 1,905 mm (S), 1,890 - 1,930 mm (M), 1,890 - 1,940 (L), width 2,010 mm 


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 3,600 l (S), 4,200 l (M), 4,900 l (L)


  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,800-2,300 kg (12 % gradient)/ 750 kg (S), 1,400-2,500 kg (12 % gradient)/ 750 kg (M), 1,800-2,500 kg (12 % gradient)/ 750 kg (L)

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