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Versatility that turns heads. Style that’s ready for anything. From the boldly distinctive Vizor to the pure practical interior, Crossland is the SUV with everyday flexibility and beautiful design to turn heads wherever you go.  


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,212 mm, height 1,605 mm, width 1,976 mm


  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 412-1,255 l


  • Driving experience: 170 km/h – 201 km/h top speed, Front-Wheel-Drive 
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This dominant SUV is ready for any adventure. Packed with cutting-edge technology and a thrilling design, the Grandland is ready to rock and roll. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,060 mm, height 1,433 mm, width 1,960 mm

  • Luggage-/ loadspace volume: 514-1,652 l

  • Driving experience: 192 km/h – 220 km/h top speed, Front-Wheel-Drive 
Grandland Hybrid

Fun or efficiency? Why choose when you can have it all. The new Grandland Hybrid combines the dynamism of a combustion powertrain with the zero-emissions intelligence and fast, easy charging of next-gen battery electric. 


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,060 mm, height 1,433 mm, width 1,960 mm

  • Luggage-/ loadspace volume: 390-1,528 l

  • Driving experience: 225 km/h – 235 km/h top speed, Front-Wheel-Drive 

Are you ready for Opel's next, bold step forward? It’s a combination of pure SUV design, a stunning interior and the latest high-tech powertrains, so expect the unexpected. The  Mokka is here and it's rewriting the rules to take driving to a whole new level. It’s time to drive your way, with Mokka.

  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,151 mm, height 1,531 mm, width 1,987 mm

  • Luggage-/ loadspace volume: 350 - 1,105 l

  • Driving experience: 188 km/h – 202 km/h top speed, Front-Wheel-Drive 
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Mokka Electric

A bold, original vision of design and technology is taking shape. Are you ready to experience a daringly pure approach that’s taking driving to a whole new level? Discover now the electric Mokka Electric with its head-turning SUV design.


  • Exterior Dimensions: Overall length 4,151 mm, height 1,532 mm, width 1,987 mm

  • Luggage-/ loadspace volume: 310 - 1,060 l

  • Driving experience: 150 km/h top speed, Front-Wheel-Drive 
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Experience Opel's SUV models

Finding the right SUV isn’t always simple. Buyers are spoiled for choice, with over 90 different SUV models available in Europe right now. The division into sub-classes helps to simplify the process of choosing the right one for you.


  • City SUVs are generally compact and fall into the category of small CUV, often with a major focus on style and design, inside and out.
  • Compact SUVs are made for the everyday, combining 4x4 drive and genuine off-road ability with a refined driving experience on city streets and busy urban roads. 
  • Medium-sized SUVs offer many similar advantages to their compact counterparts, wrapped in a larger package with added flexibility for large families who need to transport luggage or equipment regularly.
  • Full-size SUVs exist in a league of their own. These cars can be very large, at over 5m in length, with space in the cabin for up to seven and very powerful engines beneath the hood. In most cases they offer many luxury features and can be used for any purpose: for urban commutes, family trips or off-road adventures.


Spacious and comfortable

For families, flexibility is everything. Most SUVs offer a roomy and ergonomic interior, meaning a family with up to three kids can travel comfortably. Usually there is also an abundance of legroom, in the front as well as in the back. Leg cramping and uncomfortable seating positions should become a thing of the past when you switch to an SUV.


Of course, it’s not just humans who benefit from the generous dimensions. Dogs love riding in SUV cars too. They would tell you the same if they could. Instead of squeezing into the footwell, canine companions can make themselves comfortable in the typically-spacious trunk of an SUV. And Opel offers some additional equipment to give you peace of mind when driving with pets – the cargo grid, for example, separates the passenger area and the cargo area, therefore boosting protection and safety. 

4x4 and driving enjoyment

Do you ever feel the desire to go off the beaten track, across mud, sand or rocky terrain? If you want a car as at home in snow or ice as on a dry road in summer, an SUV is the vehicle for you.


Whatever terrain it must navigate, 4x4 All-Wheel Drive systems provide grip and driving pleasure. Why? Because directing the drive to each of a car’s four wheels, rather than just the front or rear two (as is more common), allows far greater control on virtually any surface. In difficult conditions, the Opel Mokka X rises to the challenge with its optional 4x4 All-Wheel Drive system providing additional traction, stability, grip and control.


What's next?

Want to build the SUV & crossover car of your dreams? Electric or combustion engine? You prefer to arrange an appointment for a test drive? Or do you just want to find your nearest Opel dealer? Whatever it is that you are looking for, we at Opel appreciate your interest in our SUV & crossover cars and are glad to help you.