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Your Opel and E10 - what you need to know




All Opel cars with petrol engines built after the 1st January 2000 are E10 (EN228) compatible.



E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Opel vehicles with petrol engines,


    • Models with the 2.2-litre direct injection petrol engine, motor code: Z22YH

      (Vectra, Zafira)


Customers with vehicles built prior to January 2000 are urged to continue to use E5 unleaded petrol in line with Government guidance. However, for OPEL owners with vehicles built within the last 21 years, the change in standard petrol from E5 to E10 will have no impact on the way that they fill their vehicles at the pumps.  



If you require any assistance on the build date of your Opel vehicle, please contact us by email at We would need your vehicle’s registration number to assist, we will be unable to support any imported vehicles.



Opel Customer Care