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Opel Astra

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Choose between petrol, diesel or plug-in hybrid for the brand new Opel Astra Hatchback. Or between petrol and diesel for the Sports Tourer. Which is right for you?

New Astra Hatchback

Astra Hatchback

The new Opel Astra marks the start of a new era - with bold design and class-leading technologies such as adaptive IntelliLux LED® Pixel Matrix lights, Intelli-HUD (Head up Display) and semi-autonomous Intelli-Drive system. The new petrol and diesel engines delight with their smoothness and efficiency and are available with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission. Matching the latest generation fully digital Opel Pure Panel®, the interior features state-of-the-art infotainment for seamless connectivity.


  • Exterior dimensions: Overall length 4,374 mm, height 1,441-1,470 mm, width 2,062 mm

  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 422-1,339 l

  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,250-1,400 kg (12 % gradient)/ 660-680 kg
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Astra Hatchback Hybrid

The Astra Hybrid also defines the new era with its powertrain: plug-in hybrid technology enables performance and efficiency without compromise. On the outside, it's boldly designed - with iconic Opel Vizor®, behind which are sensors and cameras for state-of-the-art driver assistance systems. On the inside, for example, the next-generation fully digital Pure Panel® with widescreens and intuitive controls will delight. Ergonomic Active Seats1 ensure relaxed driving, even on long journeys.

1 Available as an option or in higher trim levels.


  • Exterior Dimensions: overall length: 4,374 mm, height  1,441-1,470 mm, width 2,062 mm

  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 422-1,339 l

  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,450 kg (12 % gradient)/ 750 kg
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Astra Sports Tourer

Astra Sports Tourer

Packed with innovative features, the Astra Sports Tourer is even more practical and comfortable than ever. Chose between petrol and diesel engines with manual or automatic transmissions. Discover features e.g. IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light, safety-systems with front camera, rear view camera and premium comfort, e.g. infotainment systems and Ergonomic Active Seats in leather.


  • Exterior Dimensions: overall length: 4,702 mm, height unladen 1,510 mm, width 2,042 mm

  • Luggage-/loadspace volume: 540-1,630 l

  • Max. towing weight braked / unbraked: 1,100-1,450 kg (12 % gradient)/ 660-680 kg
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The Opel Astra is efficient right from the start. Whether as a private or company vehicle, its powerful technology and comfort is first-class. We’re here to help you with your purchase, and our experts at Opel Bank will advise you on all aspects of financing, leasing or service.