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Drive your own way with the completely new Astra Plug-in Hybrid. 

The very first compact plug-in hybrid from Opel entirely designed, engineered and built in Germany. Experience an outstanding drive everyday with muscular style and class-leading technology. Discover the next-gen fully digital Pure Panel® with widescreens and intuitive controls. The Opel Astra Hybrid is unlike any car that has come before it, and leads the way into a new simply electric era with ultra-low emissions. 

Customize your new Astra Plug-in Hybrid

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Check the daily range of your Astra Hybrid

Pure design that demands to be driven

Electrifying the autobahn

Engineered to be efficient
The Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid sets a new standard for efficiency in the compact class. A low-friction engine works together with a powerful electric motor for cleaner, smoother and more fuel-efficient driving dynamics in all conditions. Go anywhere, with unrestricted access to Emission Free Driving zones, all while getting the benefits of significantly lower vehicle tax.  
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Easy to charge
Opel’s advanced fast-charge technology enables Astra Plug-In Hybrid to charge up quickly from your own home connection or from publicly available charge-points while on longer journeys. Opel’s versatile charging solutions and technologies makes it easy to stay topped-up, so you’re always ready for the next adventure.  
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Electric pays off
There are multiple subsidy and bonus incentive schemes for getting into an Astra Plug-In Hybrid, such as financial support for setting up your home wall-box charger. Yet another not-so-typical benefit of switching to Opel electric.   
Learn more about governmental subsidies Learn more about financial support on your wall box

Class-leading features

High energy Hybrid
At the heart of the Opel Astra Plug-In Hybrid’s innovative power is a high-voltage 12.4kW capacity battery comprised of 84 liquid-cooled cells. Lightweight yet energy-dense, it drives the electric motor whenever Hybrid or Pure Electric Mode is engaged. Highly compact and perfectly integrated into the powertrain, the battery supports Astra Plug-In Hybrid’s low centre of gravity for outstanding dynamism and a simply electric driving experience.  
Performance without compromise

When you drive the Opel Astra Plug-In Hybrid you get the very best of both performance and efficiency, without compromise. Under the hood a responsive 1.6 Turbo petrol engine delivering 150hp1 or 180hp2 is working in perfect harmony with an 81kw electric motor. 

The result is two levels of combined power: one with 180hp and another with 225hp.3


1 Fuel consumption combined 1.1 – 1.0 l/100 km; CO2 emission combined 24–23 g/km, energy consumption combined 14.4 - 14.0 kwh/100 km; pure electric range (combined) 66 to 67 km (depending on equipped options).



Dynamically different 
Whether your journey calls for range, power, efficiency or thrillingly instantaneous acceleration, the Opel Astra Plug-In Hybrid is ready and able. Plug-in Hybrid technology maximizes power and performance with the smooth yet responsive Efficient Automatic Transmission 8-speed [EAT8], delivering a maximum torque of 360Nm.  
Expect the unexpected
The new Opel Astra puts responsive power at your fingertips with the Driving Mode that perfectly matches your journey, road conditions and mood. HYBRID will give you ideally balanced range and power, while electric will engage the electric engine for zero CO2 emissions and amazing silence. Of course, whenever you want maximum fun, just hit SPORT to make every drive a thrilling performance. 
Go further than you think
The Opel Astra Plug-In Hybrid uses the iBooster energy-recovering system to recapture power that would normally be lost while braking and decelerating for even more electric range. iBooster not only makes use of the energy generated when you apply the brakes, but also engages when the Astra Plug-In Hybrid is coasting. 
Smart driving
The Astra Plug-In Hybrid’s Vehicle Data Monitoring systems keep the driver informed and in command without overloading you with unnecessary data and detail. The system provides an easy-to-understand, intuitive overview of driving conditions and energy consumption to ensure maximum efficiency and range, all streamed to the Pure Panel® display cluster in an elegantly simple, digitally-detoxed flow.  

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Features of Astra Hybrid
Discover all the different features the Astra Hybrid has to offer. 
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Opel FlexCare-e
Find your customised protection for your vehicle. 
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Committed to you

Enjoy total peace of mind as an Opel Electric or Hybrid vehicle owner with our 10 Commitments suite of aftersales benefits. From 24/7 roadside assistance and lifetime free software updates to our 8-year 160,000km battery warranty and friendly experts to answer all your questions, we have you covered.

A comprehensive ten-point Service promise providing straightforward, expert care in all aspects of vehicle ownership

1. 8 years warranty or 160,000 km for the traction battery

2. Opel roadside assistance
8 years / 160.000km manufacturer’s coverage

Drive in serenity 24/24 and 7/7. 


3. E-expert center

Our experts will take care of your vehicle and will answer all your questions.


4. Opel FlexCare (recommended)

All maintenance operations, parts and dedicated services are included. 


5. Certified charging solution

A complete range of wall box es, installed by selected professionals. 


6. Mobility solution

Different mobility solutions to keep you on the road. 


7. Lifetime software updates

Always benefit the best driving experience. 


8. Car recharge to 80 %

At each service inspection. 


9. Quote and book online1

Book your appointment and calculate your Aftersales operation.


10. And your car is clean at each visit1


1 If available