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The new Opel Astra


Looking forward
There’s no chance of mistaking the new Opel Astra for just another car. Every line and curve makes it clear that this is the future of driving. From the bold sweep of the signature Vizor® leading the way at the front to the sheer, taut surfaces that give the new Astra it’s distinctly sporty confident stance, every unique aspect and unexpeted feature makes it stand out from the crowd.   
Outstanding interior
Experience a new world of next-generation interior design and innovation. Inside the new Astra you’ll discover the new and improved digitally-detoxed Opel Pure Panel®1 that streamlines driver information like never before. Relax in Ergonomic Active Front Seats2 trimmed in luxurious Alcantara or Nappa leather with ventilation and massage function. Surround yourself with space, technology and pure, uncluttered comfort thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity. 
Style on top

Now’s your chance to unfollow ordinary, because standing out has never felt so easy. Take personal style to the next level with the Astra's bold visual enhancements, such as a sleek black accent roof1.

1 Available as standard only on selected models.

Roll with the best
Had enough of following the crowd? Getting uncomfortable with sameness? Celebrate your individuality with the extra visual dynamism of the new Astra's special lightweight alloy wheels. Available in a sporty range of bold and pure style options, these wheels make the new Astra look as exciting as it is to drive.   
Brilliant from every angle
The purest design is clean in line and execution, which is why everything down to the finest details of the new Opel Astra are efficient and perfectly balanced. Sharply precise German proportions follow a compass principle where even energy-saving rear LED lights perfectly harmonize with the visual axis.  
Face the future
You’re face to face with the boldest hatch around. Where other cars would have an everyday grille, the Opel Astra features the signature Vizor®. This striking panel is pure German form-follows-function design, sleekly integrating front-end devices, sensors and functions into a single smooth sweep. 

Safety & innovations

IntelliLux® pixel lights
The Opel Astra features the latest IntelliLux® Pixel lights. New and improved, this system is a leap forward in headlight technology, a step up even from previous IntelliLux generations. It radically improves visibility via an increased number of 168 individually-adaptive LED segments that provide permanent glare-free high beams which automatically adjust to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.   
The Astra's Intelli-HUD (Head up Display) feels truly futuristic, projecting essential information directly onto the windscreen and comfortably into the driver's field of vision. This latest generation of Opel’s HUD technology extends the projection-field and enhances resolution, and can be set to show different pages linked to the Instrument Panel, including pop-up alerts, incoming call and media information. 
Intelli-Drive 1.0 
This system combines the capabilities of three of Astra’s most technologically advanced features to give you unparalleled command and control of your journey. Intelli-Drive 1.0 integrates Lane Positioning Assist (LPA) which allows Astra to gently correct steering to help you more stably stay between the lanes. It also includes Lane Change Assist, which lets you know if another vehicle is quickly approaching you from behind or driving into your blind spot, plus Rear Cross Traffic Alert which warns you of anything approaching while you’re reversing, including cyclists or pedestrians, from as far as 40 meters away.  
The Intelli-Vision activates automatically when you put Astra into reverse (or on-demand) and uses four cameras placed around the car. The HD and real-time images are the best support to check the surroundings of the car. Switch between individual cameras to get a clear view of any approaching cross-traffic and make parking in even the snuggest spots a breeze. 
Intelli-Drive 2.0
Intelli-Drive 2.0 is Opel’s most advanced and intuitive assistance technologies working together to make the new Astra the safest and most relaxing driving experience we’ve ever built.  This system integrates multiple features, including Curve Speed Adaptation (CSA) which calculates and adapts Astra’s acceleration during high-speed bends for maximum comfort and control. Another feature included is Advanced Intelligent Speed Adaptation (A-ISA) which monitors road signs and offers to slow down or speed up accordingly and will even compensate for weather conditions. Intelli-Drive 2.0 also has Semi-Automated Lane Change (SALC) which detects when you’re switching lanes and can be given the job of doing the manoeuvring for you. 
Keyless entry & start
The new Astra’s Keyless Entry & Start, paired with smart capacitive door handles, means you don’t even have to break stride when starting a new journey. Simply slide in, press start and get going. 

Premium comfort

Ergonomic Active Seats
The new Opel Astra’s Ergonomic Active Seats1 bear the AGR2 (Campaign for Healthier Backs) seal of quality. With numerous adjustment options, including positionable head-rests, electronically-adjustable lumbar support, and extendable thigh support, these seats are not only oustandingly comfortable but support a healthy posture for long-term driver and passenger wellbeing.
Heated features
Defrost and defog quickly and efficiently with a ThermaTec® Heated Windscreen1. Enjoy heated front1 and even outer-rear seats2, plus a heated steering wheel3 for a warm, comfortable grip on cold mornings. 


Take your boldest beats or purest relaxation on the road. The new fully-digital Pure Panel® features a 10˝ instrument cluster and 10˝ center touchscreen that wirelessly integrates your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™1 and Android Auto™1,2 . The new and intuitive smartphone-like user interface can be fully personalized with individual profile management including driver recognition. Additional peace of mind is ensured by the OpelConnect services emergency and breakdown call as well automatic updates over-the-air.  The Multimedia system include features like AM/FM/DAB+ radio, Bluetooth® audio streaming3 and dual USB-C ports for immersive music wherever you go. 
Opel's state-of-the-art navigation system comes complete with online traffic, parking information, POI search and weather updates1 with route guidance shown on the Intelli-HUD (Head up Display)2, instrument cluster or centre touchscreen, whichever combination you prefer. The smart system will even follow your voice commands with the wake-up word of "Hey Opel!". Drive smart with the connected navigation services including over-the-air map updates and give your trip an additional boost with the 8-speaker HiFi system2. For additional convenience send your destination to the car with your smartphone and the myOpel app or get last-mile guidance to complete your route from wherever you park. 
Wireless charging

The cabin of the new Opel Astra has been given a digital-detox of all the clutter, and includes innovative features to help you keep in clean and serene without a mess of cables. Charge your compatible devices using the integrated wireless charger1. Inbuilt rapid-movement detection failsafe prevents wireless overload damage to your device's battery when driving over bumpy surfaces.

1 Availability dependent on offer. Only for PMA or QI enabled devices. To check the compatibility of your device, contact your Opel retailer.

OpelConnect services

Smart technology systems and related services1 that offer connectivity and modern innovations to keep you safe and ensure an exciting and efficient trip.


  • Peace of Mind: the emergency and breakdown call2, Vehicle Status and Information give you mileage, fuel levels or maintenance alerts for a good feeling all times.
  • Convenience: The e-Remote Control service3 for check of battery level, charge management and setting of air-condition via the myOpel app
  • Drive Smart: relaxed travel thanks to Connected Navigation Pack Plus4 and Trip and Drive Management service.

Driving dynamics

Next-gen engines

This next-generation Opel Astra has been engineered around a whole new platform, precision-made for agility, driveability and comfort. Under the hood you can take your pick from a range of technologically enhanced turbo-charged powertrains. All are smooth, reliable and perform with highly competitive running costs & low CO2 levels. 

Options include responsive 1.2 petrol1 and high-efficiency 1.5 diesel2, both delivering up to 130hp and with stop/start features. 

Get to grips with Astra’s dynamic yet economical transmissions. Both diesel and petrol engines come with your choice of precision-engineered six-speed manual transmission or exceptionally smooth and sophisticated 8-speed automatic. 
Driving modes
The new Opel Astra puts responsive power at your fingertips, with the option to select the Driving Mode1 that perfectly suits your journey, road conditions and mood. NORMAL will always give you ideally balanced range and power, while ECO will optimize efficiency. Of course, whenever you want maximum fun, just hit SPORT to make every drive a thrilling performance.

1 Drive Mode feature only available with automatic transmission. 

Opel+ accessories

Meeting your individual needs

Express yourself with original Opel+ accessories and make the most out of your Astra. Designed and tested for your Opel.

PIcture may differ from product on sale.

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