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Combo-e Life

From €38,660.00

The new Combo-e Life is designed to give the very best of everything. Space and comfort for up to seven. Practical and innovative safety features. And now to top it off, smart, emission-free e-technology and 100% electric operation, that can take you and all the family up to 280km1 on a single charge. So you can make the most of family Life, without compromise. 

See what Life has in store

Combining all the best things in Life

Go further in Life

Combo-e Life’s advanced battery has a long-distance range of up to 280 km1, enhanced by a suite of energy recapture technologies such as Regenerative Braking, so you can always go that extra mile. As you learn more about the benefits of e-mobility you’ll be able to optimize your speed, driving style and comfort settings to further maximize the range of your Combo-e Life.


1 Energy consumption Combo-e Life (combined) 17.5 - 19.4  kWh/100 km; CO2 emission 0 g/km; range (combined) up to 275 km (depending on equipped options). 

Learn how to maximize range
Charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes
Our advanced fast-charge technology enables Combo-e Life to power up to 80% optimum range in a little over 30 minutes1, and with Opel’s versatile charging solutions for daily trips and longer distances you’re always ready for the next adventure. Find out more here 
Learn more about charging possibilities
Cost efficiency
There are even more tangible reasons to switch to electric: Benefit from the low overall running costs thanks to lower taxation and cheaper service trips! Government subsidies on purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle make it easy to get started. And did you know that there is also a financial support on your wall box? 
Learn more about governmental subsidies Learn more about financial support on your wall box Learn more about overall running costs

Class-leading features

Advanced battery

The energy for Combo-e Life’s electric powertrain comes from 50kWh lithium-ion batteries (capable of 100kW fast charge), giving it a range of up to 280km1 and instantaneous torque. Advanced heat management, high energy-density cells, and balanced chassis integration mean dependable range prediction, extended operational life, and a low center of gravity for a smooth, stable ride.


1 Energy consumption Combo-e Life (combined) 17.5 - 19.4 kWh/100 km; CO2 emission 0 g/km; range up to 275km (depending on equipped options).

Drive modes
Combo-e Life adapts to your driving style and the individual requirements of each journey with the Drive Mode Selector. Select POWER for maximum performance and comfort with heavy loads, NORMAL for a drive balanced between performance and efficiency, and ECO for maximum range and energy efficiency. 
Vehicle data monitoring
Combo-e Life’s Vehicle Data Monitoring uses sophisticated sensors and onboard systems to provide a detailed overview of each journey to project range, route conditions, and energy cost so you can drive as efficiently as possible. 

Opel services for electric vehicles

From Charging options to mobility Services, The Opel Services for electric Vehicles offer a smooth and carefree start into e-mobility.