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Corsa models

Opel Corsa

Engines & transmissions

  • Petrol and diesel engines, electric engine
  • Manual and automatic transmissions, all-electric single-speed drive unit 

Luggage-/loadspace volume

  • Corsa: 309 l
  • Corsa-e: 267 l

Driving experience

  • Corsa: 174 km/h – 208 km/h top speed
  • Corsa-e: 150 km/h top speed
  • Corsa-e: 337 km (WLTP)* range without recharging


* Range data Opel Corsa-e (combined) 329 km to 337 km (depending on equipped options), determined according to WLTP test procedure methodology (R (EC) No. 715/2007, R (EU) No. 2017/1151. Everyday use may differ and is dependent on various factors. In particular: personal driving style, route characteristics, exterior temperature, heating/air conditioning, pre-conditioning.

Exterior Dimensions

  • Overall length 4.060 mm
  • Height unladen 1.433 mm
  • Width 1.960 mm


  • Solid: Summit White
  • Metallic: Diamond Black, Moonstone Grey, Quartz Grey, Navy Blue, Voltaic Blue, Hot Red, Power Orange

Highlight features

  • Innovations: IntelliLux LED® Matrix Light, safety-systems with front camera, rear view camera
  • Premium Comfort: modern infotainment systems

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Discover the Opel Corsa - the future-ready german city car, blending everyday driving fun with exciting big car technology. 
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Discover the new, 100% electric Corsa-e - the future-ready german city car with an impressive range, fast charging and minimum sound at maximum power. 
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